Valley Christian Center

Information About Our Church Ministries


Men’s Ministries: Pastor Chris Dawes



Sisters at Heart: Laura Vaughn 

Adult Sunday School Class: Natalie Ord

Berean Bible Study Center (Global University):

Pastor Sam O'Donnell 

Prison Outreach Ministry: Dave Sundine

Hospitality/Ushers and Greeters: Pastor Chris Dawes

Kitchen Coordinators: Valerie LeClair and Ida Shjerve

Thursday Morning Bible Study: Pastor Chris Dawes

Northlands Rescue Mission Outreach: Dave Diseth

Ministry of Encouragement/Biblical Counseling: 

Kay Komprood and Pastor Sam O'Donnell

College students

Chi Alpha: Kyle and Tarah Trosen, Karley Thorfinnson and James Miles!/group.php?gid=268635342392

Young people

Youth group 7th-12th grade at VCC: Kina and Denny McVeigh


Royal Rangers—Boys 1-9 grade: David Sundine


Girls Ministries Clubs—Girls 1-9 grade: Pastor Chris Dawes


Rainbows—Boys and girls preschool and kindergarten: Pastor Chris Dawes 

Infant Nursery: Darci Walsh

Sunlight Kids Nursery (2-3yrs): Darci Walsh

Li'l Angels (3yrs & potty trained to 5 yrs): Darci Walsh